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Björn Pannicke 


  • Ph.D. student: Department of Psychology
  • Ph.D. programme: Cognitive Neuroscience


  • MSc, Psychology, University of Salzburg
  • BSc, Psychology, University of Salzburg

In my PhD project, I study physical activity, eating behaviour, stress and affect in everyday life. I'm particularly interested in using different methodological and analytical approaches to unravel the relationships between health behaviour and stress / affect. 

The research project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Jens Blechert.


Pannicke, B., Reichenberger, J., Schultchen, D., Pollatos, O., Blechert; J. (2020). Affect improvements and measurement concordance between a subjective and an accelerometric estimate of physical activity. European Journal of Health Psychology, 27, 66-75. doi: 10.1027/2512-8442/a000050. pdf.